Swiss Japanese Contemporary Cuisine


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Our renowned kitchen crew welcomes you to our restaurant. Young, creative and very talented they design perfect culinary art that will tempt all your senses. Experience the unique combination of Swiss and Japanese cuisine. Whether for a business lunch or for fine dining in the evening: We invite you to treat yourself to excellence.
Within and without: In our Lounge & Bar area you can bring a long day to a close over after-work drinks with colleagues and friends. Try our LOKAMI Izakaya Snacks, Swiss-Japanaese Tapas,  and take in the atmosphere of the Rhine promenade.
Aperitifs, after-dinner and long drinks or special cocktails from all over the world – our bar offers beverages to delight your body and your soul. Enjoy a pre-dinner aperitif, spend the evening in relaxed atmosphere over a sake cocktail or discover the world of High Premium Gin & Tonics or Moscow Mules.

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“Swiss Japanese Contemporary Cuisine”: Japanese harmony, minimalism and functionality in perfect balance with Swiss quality.

“Select ingredients, finished creatively and presented with attention to detail to delight our visitors: That determinedes our every-day ceremony.”


  • Select ingredients, finished creatively and presented with attention to detail to delight our visitors: That determines our every-day ceremony.

    Lokami Team

  • We are a young & talented team with international experience.   We receive further support from the Royal Business Restaurants, an innovative caterer with years of experience in superior business catering.

    Lokami Team

  • After projects all over the world our Team has now arrived in Basle. We are thrilled to join forces and bring to life the extraordinary project „Swiss Japanese Contemporary Cuisine”.

    Lokami Team

Lokami Team





 14. - 25. November 2016

enjoy a japanese Specialty @LOKAMI


Japanese Bouillon-Fondue à la LOKAMI

+ Beef + Turkey + Fish + Mushrooms + Vegetables + Rice

from 2 persons  CHF 25.- / person incl. starter


We are looking forward to welcoming you - give us a call or write us for a reservation:  / +41 (0) 61 696 48 48

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Give us all the details for your dream wedding – we will make it real. Accept our proposal and enjoy the creativity and inspiration our team can offer! Of all the special moments of your life, there are very few that approach the importance of your wedding day. Let us make this life-changing event an experience you will cherish forever. A beautifully decorated venue, the service beyond impeccable, the food unique and excellent: we will indulge your most breathtaking wedding fantasies and create special moments that will be locked in your memory for a lifetime. We will customize any wedding offer to your unique taste and personality and make your wedding day a day to remember, filled with happiness and the class and elegance you have always dreamed of.   Say “Yes” and let our creative, detail-oriented team amaze you, captivate you and enchant you!
Banquet, Apéro, Cocktails, Drinks, Workshops, Tastings, Concerts, Weddings, Shows and much more ...

Bar & Lounge = 120m2 + 66m2

Lounge = 66m2

Restaurant = 60m2

Terrasse = 170m2

Total area =  415m2

For more questions we are always at your disposal: +41 (0)61 696 48 48 or via Email:  
Events of the highest quality and in perfect balance of Japanese harmony and Swiss quality. Professional and creative, we organize your business event, product presentation or Christmas party - with us it will be a happening. Our facilities can accommodate 5 to 200 people. Also, the exclusive atmosphere is ideal for private celebrations. Whether birthday, wedding or baptism - we celebrate your big day! For further information please contact us +41 61 696 48 48 or via Mail

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LOKAMI Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

Elsässerrheinweg 101, 4056 Basel Switzerland
+41 61 696 4848 /

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